The fundamental mission of ecointegral is to take care of each assignment or project received, from the first steps – complete management, agile and global handling – to full execution and final delivery to the customer. Ecointegral provides each customer the best service engineering and consulting in each of the sectors in which it operates, and strives for continued growth in its prestige and results; and simultaneously want to achieve the ideal environment in which every member of its team develops an excellent career oriented continuous improvement of their professional and personal quality.

VISION. The motivation behind the property.

  • Create a group of outstanding engineering professionals who work together for the best companies in our area.
  • Provide the market highly specialized professional services and added value.
  • Create long term relationships between colleagues, partners and clients founded on trust and excellence.

MISSION. What we get together.

  • Provide expertise in areas with high impact on the quality of life of people and their environment (energy, water, communications, CO2, etc.)
  • Creating value propositions that maximize the positive result in customers and therefore enable us earn your head and heart.

STRATEGY. How are we going to get.

  • Attracting the best talent. Making them better people and better professionals through their work.
  • Prefixing the generation of new knowledge to maximizing profitability to maximize the impact of our professionals in society.
  • Earning the trust and affection of society through ethical behavior.
  • Making our operations profitable to meet our commitments, finance growth and achieve the business plan.

VALUES. The keys to our behaviors.

  • Independence, honesty, dedication to service and altitude of view are our corporate values.